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UFCW 175 & 633

Web Design & Development

Web design and development for one of the largest unions in Canada

UFCW approached us with a simple request : modernize their web presence and give their existing members a concise source of information as well as prospective members a streamlined and easy process for signing up.

The sheer volume of information as well as extensive media archives presented a unique challenge. They were migrating from an old archaic CMS to WordPress, so we scripted and automated migrating thousands of media artifacts to be maintained and managed by the robust WordPress Media Library.

Training Class Signup System

One of the main requirements UFCW had for this project was to have a dynamic scheduling and class signup system for union members to easily join and attend the many internal training, certification and awareness courses that UFCW offers.

This meant we needed to put together a system to coordinate the scheduling of many training location centers as well as signup capacity of those wishing to attend the classes.

What we ended up doing was putting a solution that allowed for us to dynamically manage attendee’s and class schedules across many locations in Ontario.