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Trajectory Inc.

Web Design & Development

Custom design and development for Trajectory, a cloud software consulting firm. We created a ground-up theme design using the Wordpress Content Management System.

Trajectory approached us with a challenging project to completely design, from the ground up, a new website. The content was to be re-written in-house to accompany the new design.

Working alongside the client, we tailored our project road map to accommodate potential bottlenecks with copy writing and content integration. The user interface, layout and color scheme was carefully chosen to complement the large amount of content and information that Trajectory had to offer for its many products and services.

Intuitive User Interface

Trajectory had a unique requirement with the menu system : To intelligently organize the large number of parent and sub pages in an intuitive way to make it easy for end-users to find what they are looking for.

It became clear that having a simple list of navigation items was not going to cut it. We implemented a navigation system that allowed for the client to associate the different categories of content with color associated icons and partner logos. The end result was a clean, easy-to-navigate menu solution.