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Peloton Search Partners

Web Design & Development

Custom design and development for Peloton Search Partners.

Peloton Search Partners approached us with a challenging project to completely design, from the ground up, a new website.

Working alongside the client, we tailored our project road map to accommodate the clients specific design perspective. With their goal to create a fresh, clean, but very corporate website.

The other challenge for this website was to incorporate the concept of a Peloton, which is a cycling term that refers to the pack of riders in a cycling race which form around the leaders to provide support, becoming a cooperative unit which reduces the strain on individual cyclists and promotes competitive focus to ensure the success of the team.

Through crisp and beautiful cycling photography and finely detailed iconography, we were able to communicate this message in an effective and engaging way.

Custom Branding and Logo Design

We worked with Peloton Search Partners to create a fresh new brand that stands out from typical Corporate Placement agencies. The brand reflects the organization of a team into a form of strength and agility.