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Lake Road Restaurant

Parallax Web Design

Simple, clean and modern web design for a Hamilton based restaurant

Lake Road Restaurant approached us to create a brand new website for their new restaurant opening in downtown Hamilton Ontario. To complement the visual aspect of the decor, tones and colors of the physical location, we opted for a clean parallax design to give visitors a simple and easy way to access the menu and learn more about the restaurant.

Client Driven Changes

One of the main requirements early on in this project was that the client wanted to be able to easily make changes to the site themselves. As with most restaurants, the menu changes often along with regular specials and promotions.

A common complaint we hear is that the client is unhappy with having to go through an agency in order to make small minor changes to the site content. WordPress is often a CMS of choice because of the widespread ease-of-use as well as extensive documentation and how-to videos for anyone to easily pick up and understand how to make changes.